Family Memoirs: Creating a Testament of Faith – Chapter Five: “Fact vs. Fiction”

Family Memoirs: Creating a Testament of Faith
An audio presentation by Andrew Lyke

Fact vs. Fiction

The art of storytelling is lost to many modern families. According to Pope John Paul II, “The future of humanity passes by way of the family” (Familiaris Consortio). Woven through the fabric of family life are many stories that teach its members about life, about love—about God.

These stories are handed down through generations and, if told well, connect us to the “Salvation Story”—the story of God. They bring the biblical narratives home and integrate them into the ordinary experiences of life.

This presentation offers specific ways for ordinary families to uncover and retell extraordinary stories—stories that catechize and evangelize and set us free.

Learn the characteristics of a good story.

Create for your family a testament of faith through:

  • The Oral Tradition
  • Photography
  • Rituals
  • Writing

Discover extraordinary stories from your own family history that connect to the greatest story ever told—the Salvation Story.


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